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Jaune hasn't had this all explained because he lived on a farm, probably. But when it's explained, he just smiles, nods, and does his best to make his own explanation in his head about it rather than saying the typical "well I don't believe in that stuff, so you're either straight or gay" white boy shit we see too often. I think Jaune is very accepting, and while he may not understand, it wouldn't change his opinion on that person.

YES. Jaune is a confused puppy 24/7 but he tries his best to understand his friends and support them. He looks it all up after someone has come out to him to understand it better but he sometimes still messes up because all these sexualities are completely new to him but no one blames him because they know he means well!

No but guys imagine Yang having ‘the talk’ with Ruby and explaining all the different sexualities to her so her little sister wouldn’t feel weird about any of it and then Yang coming out as pan to her. Imagine Weiss being so fed up with the boys her dad keeps picking out for her while she feels nothing for them she literally feels nothing for almost anybody, she never tells about her sexuality either she just lets people guess what it is. Imagine Blake literally only falling in love with people she’s actually really REALLY close with and not minding that because she might get hurt otherwise. Imagine Pyrrha always crushing on boys but then she has this weird gay moments where she tells Jaune she wants to do a girl and he legitimately gets confused all the time like????? I thought you were straight???????? Imagine Ren having a hard time coming to terms with his bisexuality but then there’s Nora to support him and tell him he shouldn’t give a fuck about who he likes as long as he likes someone who likes him back she’s happy for him. Imagine RWBY characters not just being ‘straight’ or ‘gay’ by default imagine them literally getting confused and trying to figure out their sexuality. JUST IMAGINE. 

Since I’m getting kind of annoyed by all this sexual orientation bullcrap, how about some diversity in a RWBY sexual orientation headcanon?

Ruby Rose: Questioning. She doesn’t know what sexuality she identifies with yet.
Weiss Schnee: Graysexual. Rarely feels sexual attraction towards anyone.
Blake Belladonna: Demisexual. Doesn’t feel sexual attraction towards anyone until a strong emotional bond is formed.
Yang Xiao Long: Pansexual. Attracted to personality regardless of sex or gender.

Jaune Arc: Straight. Sexually attracted towards people of the opposite gender.
Nora Valkyrie: Omnisexual. Doesn’t have a sexual preference and is attracted to anyone equally.
Pyrrha Nikos: Heteroflexible. Mostly feels sexually attracted towards people of the opposite gender, though might have ‘gay’ tendencies. 
Lie Ren: Bisexual. Sexually attracted to both males and females.

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